Other Topics

Uncertainty Analysis and Propagation and Robust Design

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Modal Testing and Experiment Design

Modal testing is the process of measuring the natural frequencies, damping ratios and mode shapes of a structure (the modal model). The process involves mounting the structure, exciting it in some way and then measuring the response at the required locations. Subsequent processing generates the frequency response functions (FRFs) of the structure and curve fitting algorithms calculate the modal model. Many aspects of this process are being investigated.

Stepped sine testing produces accurate FRFs at the expense of the time required to perform an experiment. Recursive identification of the FRF parameters is being considered to speed up the measurement process, while maintaining accuracy. The location of the transducers has a considerable impact on the quality of the modal model, and indeed important modes may be missed with poorly located transducers. Automating the choice of these locations using a finite element model of the structure can provide a valuable insight to suitable locations, especially when only a limited number of transducers are available.

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