Nonlinear Dynamics

Automatic Ball Balancers

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Dynamics of Structures with Local Nonlinearities and Model Reduction

The analysis of nonlinear models with a large number of degrees of freedom requires considerable computational effort and therefore models of nonlinear systems are generally restricted to a low number of degrees of freedom. In structural dynamics finite element analysis is often used to obtain accurate discretised models of continuous systems, usually with hundreds if not thousands of degrees of freedom. If a nonlinear component, for example a joint or a crack, is added to the finite element model, then the calculation of the system response will require considerable computation. Nonlinearities in these large models are often local in the sense that the forces in the nonlinear components may be determined by a small number of degrees of freedom. This project reduces the number of degrees of freedom in the model, whilst retaining those coordinates that are important to specify the nonlinearity, and thus speed up the computation.

One important application is the effect of cracks in beams and shafts on the system dynamics. There is considerable interest in predicting the response of failed shafts and also detecting the presence of a crack. The usual model represents the crack as piece wise linear and switches between two stiffness matrices depending on whether the crack is open or closed.

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Rotating Discs with Friction Loading

This project builds on previous work on vibration phenomena in automotive brakes. Multiple scales analysis has been performed upon a fixed plate with a rotating system of mass/spring/damper forces and a frictional follower force. The analysis has shown that forward and backward travelling waves can be developed in the plate (or disc) and that merely the presence of friction (not its magnitude) is sufficient to destabilise the forward travelling wave and, conversely, to stabilise the backward travelling wave. Further initial work on flutter and parametric instabilities has also been carried out. This requires the analysis of parametric resonance under both linear and nonlinear friction conditions, the application of critical speed analysis to squeal instability, the development of Finite Element and Analytical models for frictional follower loads, the investigation of regular and chaotic motions, and finally to validate theoretical predictions by experiments.

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Dynamics of Nonlinear Systems

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Vibration of Nonlinear Composite Structures

Recent work has considered the vibration of multistable structures, and in particular identifying low order models that capture the strong non-linear dynamics of these structures.

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