Damage Detection using Generic Elements: Part I, Model Updating

B Titurus (Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia), MI Friswell (University of Bristol) & L Starek (Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia)

Computers and Structures, Vol. 81, No. 24-25, September 2003, pp. 2273-2286


The authors propose the use of generic elements as a viable tool for parametric model based damage detection. The subject is divided into two related papers, and this paper is concerned with the requirements of the baseline model for damage detection, and the use of model updating to produce a validated finite element model of the undamaged structure. Two parameterisations are considered, based on the need to use the same parameterisation for subsequent damage detection. The novel aspects of this approach are the use of generic elements in damage detection where a preliminary updating exercise is required. The result is an updated model with physical meaning that may be used to detect and locate damage in a symmetric structure.

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