The Use of Model Updating for Reliable Finite Element Modelling and Fault Diagnosis of Structural Components Used in Nuclear Plants

JK Sinha (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, India) & MI Friswell (University of Bristol)

Nuclear Engineering and Design, Vol. 223, No. 1, July 2003, pp. 11-23.


Reliable finite element (FE) modelling in structural dynamics is very important for studies related to the safety of structural components used in the nuclear power industry. FE model updating is a tool to produce these reliable models. The method uses an initial FE model and experimental modal data of the structural components to modify physical parameters of the initial FE model, and a number of approaches have been developed to perform this task. This paper presents an overview of model updating and its use in fault diagnosis, using typical examples. The paper concentrates on the usefulness of the updating method, rather than describing the different updating methods in detail.

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