Mode Shape Description and Model Updating of Axisymmetric Structures Using Radial-Tchebichef Moment Descriptors

CP Zang, HB Lan (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China), DD Jiang (Shanghai Institute of Space Propulsion, China) & MI Friswell (Swansea University)

Shock and Vibration, Vol. 2021, Article ID 8895583, 19 pages, 2021.


A novel approach for mode shape feature extraction and model updating of axisymmetric structures based on radial Tchebichef moment (RTM) descriptors is proposed in this study. The mode shape features extracted by RTM descriptors can effectively compress the full-field modal vibration data and retain the most important information. The reconstruction of mode shapes using RTM descriptors can accurately describe the mode shapes, and the simulation shows that the RTM function is superior to Zernike moment function in terms of its mathematical properties and its shape reconstruction ability. In addition, the proposed modal correlation coefficient of the RTM amplitude can overcome the main disadvantage of using the modal assurance criterion (MAC), which has difficulty in identifying double or close modes of symmetric structures. Furthermore, the model updating of axi-symmetric structures based on RTM descriptors appears to be more efficient and effective than the normal model updating method directly using modal vibration data, avoids manipulating large amounts of mode shape data, and speeds up the convergence of updating parameters. The RTM descriptors used in correlation analysis and model updating are demonstrated with a cover of an aeroengine rig. The frequency deviation between the test and the FE model was reduced from 17.13% to 1.23% for the first 13 modes via the model updating process. It verified the potential to industrial application with the proposed method.

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This material has been published in the Shock and Vibration, Vol. 2021, Article ID 8895583, 19 pages, 2021. The paper is published as open access.

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