Modelling and Configuration Control of Wing-shaped Bi-stable Piezoelectric Composites under Aerodynamic Loads

AF Arrieta (ETH, Zurich), O Bilgen (Old Dominion University, USA), MI Friswell (Swansea University) & P Ermanni (ETH, Zurich)

Aerospace Science and Technology, Vol. 29, No. 1, August 2013, pp. 453-461


Bi-stable composites have been considered for morphing applications thanks to their ability to hold two statically stable shapes with no energy consumption. In this paper, the modelling of the dynamic response of cantilevered wing-shaped bi-stable composites is presented. To this end, an analytical model approximating the dynamic response about each statically stable shape of wing-shaped bi-stable composites is derived. Theoretical modal properties are obtained to attain or stabilise a desired configuration following a previously introduced resonant control strategy. The resonant control technique is evaluated for wing-shaped bi-stable composite subject to aerodynamic loads. Wind tunnel experiments are conducted on a wing-shaped specimen showing the ability of the control strategy to stabilise or attain a desired stable shape under aerodynamic loads.

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