A Computational Multi-Scale Approach for the Stochastic Mechanical Response of Foam-Filled Honeycomb Cores

EI Saavedra Flores, FA Diaz De la O, MI Friswell & J Sienz (Swansea University)

Composite Structures, Vol. 94, No. 5, April 2012, pp. 1861-1870


This paper investigates the uncertainty in the mechanical response of foam-filled honeycomb cores by means of a computational multi-scale approach.A finite element procedure is adopted within a purely kinematical multi-scale constitutive modelling framework to determine the response of a periodic arrangement of aluminum honeycomb core filled with PVC foam.By considering uncertainty in the geometric properties of the microstructure,a significant computational cost is added to the solution of a large set of microscopic equilibrium problems.In order to tackle this high cost, we combine two strategies. Firstly, we make use of symmetry conditions present in a representative volume element of material. Secondly, we build a statistical approximation to the output of the computer model, known as a Gaussian process emulator.Following this double approach, we are able to reduce the cost of performing uncertainty analysis of the mechanical response. In particular, we are able to estimate the 5-th, 50-th, and 95-th percentile of the mechanical response without resorting to more computationally expensive methods such as Monte Carlo simulation. We validate our results by applying a statistical adequacy test to the emulator.

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