Some Observations on Uncertainty Propagation through a Simple Nonlinear System

K Worden, G Manson, TM Lord, (University of Sheffield) & MI Friswell (University of Bristol)

Special Issue of the Journal of Sound and Vibration on Uncertainty, Vol. 288, No. 3, December 2005, pp. 601-621


This paper discusses a number of issues relating to the analysis of uncertain systems or data in the context of (low-frequency) structural dynamics. In order to illustrate potential problems in applying ‘classical’ uncertainty analysis methods to nonlinear systems, a simple nonlinear system is simulated and the breakdown of two standard approaches is demonstrated on data from the system. By relaxing the requirements of the analysis, it is shown that an alternative uncertainty theory gives useful qualitative information about the system. This motivates a discussion of how uncertainty frameworks should be chosen to suit the problem in hand and leads to a clustering of uncertainty problems in structural dynamics into three types: quantification, fusion and propagation.

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