Identification in Engineering Systems

Proceedings of the Second International Conference held at Swansea, March 1999

Editors: M.I. Friswell, J.E. Mottershead and A.W. Lees

ISBN: 0 860 76158 4, 737pp.

Parameter estimation and system identification are used extensively to obtain dynamic models of engineering systems. A large number of methods have been developed and a huge amount of experience gained in their application, particularly in control engineering and structural dynamics. Although aspects of the methods are different there is a substantial overlap in the methodology and practice used in the identification. These proceedings contain papers authored by researchers and practitioners in the art and science of identification from a range of disciplines and provide an further impetus to the cross fertilisation of ideas in this area.

Keynote Speakers



Identification and Robust Control of Mechatronic Systems
H. Van Brussel

Model Validation and Verification of Large and Complex Space Structures
D.C. Zimmerman

Worst-Case Identification for Robust Control
J.P. Norton

Assessment of Model Updating Results in the Presence of Model Structure and Parameterisation Errors
M. Link, Th. Graetsch

Experimental Determination of the Dynamic Poisson’s Ratio of a Soft Viscoelastic Material
C. Remillat, F. Thouverez, J.P Laine

Estimation of Dynamic Properties of Resilient Mounts
J. Linjama, M. Juntunen

Vibration Analysis for Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Pumping Stations
S.M. Abdel-Rahman, M.A. Abu-Zeid, M.A. Helal

Nonlinear Dynamic Model Detection
Q.M. Zhu, J.E.T. Penny, S.D. Garvey

Fault Identification using a Committee of Neural Networks
T. Marwala, H.E.M. Hunt

Promises and Pitfalls of Antiresonance Based Dynamic Model Updating
W. D'Ambrogio, A. Fregolent

Prediction of Modal and Frequency Response Data from a Validated Finite Element Model
S. Keye

Using Intelligent Techniques in Identification of Different Plastic Types
A. Lotfi, J.B. Hull

Some Aspects of Experimental and Theoretical Reanalysis using Polymeric Materials
J.A. Brandon, E.M.O. Lopes, J.J. Espindola

Identification of Material Parameters of Ti-Ni Shape Memory Alloy
F. Yoshida, V.V. Toropov, M. Itoh, H. Kyogoku, T. Sakuma,

Fault Location in Mechanical Systems with Stationary Inputs using Residual Functions
A.G. Chiarello, R. Pederiva

On Feature Extraction for Condition Monitoring using Time Series Analysis and Distance Techniques
I. Trendafilova, H. Van Brussel, B. Verbeure

On the Effects of Rotor/Stator Contact in Rotating Machinery
S. Edwards, A.W. Lees, M.I. Friswell

Non-linear Robust Performance Control of an S.I. Engine by Identified Inverse System Compensation
A.P. Petridis, A.T. Shenton

Reconstruction of Non-Linear Stiffness Parameters of Rolling Element Bearings from Random Response of Rotor-Bearing Systems
R. Tiwari

Estimation of Local Hysteretic Properties for Pseudo-elastic Materials
C.L. Song, J.A. Brandon, C.A. Featherston

Modelling and Identification of Dental Restorative Material
J. Orlik, S. Seibold, P. Hubsch, J. Middleton

On One Approach to Identification the Complex Dynamic Modulus of a Composite
V.P. Matveyenko, N.A. Yurlova

Influence of Parameter Estimation Procedures on the Updating Process of Large Finite Element Models
M.W. Zehn, O. Martin, R. Offinger

Model Updating of the Complex Modeshapes and the Damping Matrix
Y. Halevi, R. Kenigsbuch

Validation of Three-Dimensional Model of Steel Portal Framed Structure
B.C. Chapman, M.A. Alqedra, V.V. Toropov

Identification of Nonlinear Effects by State Observers
P.C. Müller

Identification of the Influence of Shock Impact on the Non-linear Dynamic Behaviour of Double Mass Viscoelastic Systems
A.B. Kazakoff, J.A. Rongong, G.R. Tomlinson

Vibrations of a Parametrically and Self-Excited System with Two Degrees of Freedom
J. Warminski, G. Litak, K. Szabelski

Vibration Testing of a Turbomachinery Foundation in Operational Conditions
W. Lisowski, T. Uhl

System Identification of the Tower of a Wind Turbine
J. Kullaa, E. Jarvinen

Model Updating of Systems with Unknown Forces
U. Prells, M.I. Friswell, A.W. Lees

Projection Methods within Model Updating
M. Oeljeklaus

Bispectral Identification of Nonlinear Modal Coupling
K. Worden, G. Manson, J.R. Wright

Experimental Validation of Two Nonlinear Identification Techniques on a Single Degree of Freedom System
V. Lenaerts, J.-C. Golinval, M. Ruzzene, E. Giorcelli

Identification of Local Contact Stiffness Properties for Dynamic Impact Simulation
D. Szwedowicz

Eigensolution Identification of a Free Structure from the Frequency Response Functions Measured in a Suspended Configuration
G. Lallement, S.J. Huang

On the Use of Stability Plots for Modal Parameter Identification
J.E. Cooper

Recognition of Damage in Steel Structures using Genetic Programming Methodology
V.V. Toropov, L.F. Alvarez, H. Ravaii

Bridge Integrity Assessment by Acoustic Emission - Global Monitoring
K. M. Holford, D. C. Carter, R. Pullin, A. W. Davies

Bridge Integrity Assessment by Acoustic Emission - Local Monitoring
R. Pullin, D. C. Carter, K. M. Holford, A. W. Davies

Time-Domain Identification from Seismic Pseudodynamic Test Results on Civil Engineering Specimens
F.J. Molina, P. Pegon, G. Verzeletti

Vibration Tests for Light-Weight Steel Joist Floors - Dynamic Properties and Vibration due to Walking
J. Kullaa, A. Talja

Parameter Estimation in Water Distribution Networks using Genetic Algorithms
R. Farmani, A.A. Javadi, R.G.S. Matthew

Use of Changes in Resonance and Anti-Resonance Frequencies for Damage Detection
A. Messina, E. J. Williams

Damage Identification based on Measured Frequency Changes
F. Vestroni, D. Capecchi, M. Nilde Cerri

On the Use of Frequency Response Functions for Damage Detection
N.M.M. Maia, J.M.M. Silva, A.M.R. Ribeiro, R.P.C. Sampaio

LMS-ARMA Multichannel Identification of Structures under Natural Excitation
V. Papakos, S.D. Fassois

State Space Identification of Vibrating Systems from Multi Output Data
J. Lardies, N. Larbi

Model-Based Health Monitoring of Structures - Application to the I40-Highway-Bridge
C.-P. Fritzen, K. Bohle

Developing a Model Based Health Monitoring Technique using Structural Impedance Sensors
G. Park, D.J. Inman, H.H. Cudney

Damage Detection in Bolted Joint Structures using Element Contribution to Modal Strain Energy
L. Yu, S.-S. Law, M. Link, L.-M. Zhang

Application of the Ritz-Method for the Vibration of Symmetric Laminates by Different Functional Bases
A. Messina, K.P. Soldatos

Structural Sensors for System Identification in Large Composite Structures
S. Diaz, C. Pardo, J.M. Menendez, J.A. Guemes

Modifications to the Vibrational Response of an Aero-excited Composite Plate by Means of Embedded SMA Wires
W.M. Ostachowicz, M.P. Cartmell

Identifying Equivalent Bulk Properties for Stator Cores of Large Electrical Machines
S.D. Garvey, M.I. Friswell, J.E.T. Penny

Identification of Maximum Power Point Tracking for PV Supplied DC Motors Through ANN'S
N. Yadaiah, M. Veera Chary

On the Application of FE Model Updating to Damaged Concrete Beams
M. M. Abdel Wahab, G. De Roeck, B. Peeters

Damage Detection using Model Updating and Identification Techniques
R. Pascual, I. Trendafilova, J.C. Golinval, W. Heylen

Damage Detection using Multivariate Statistics Part III: Kernel Discriminant Analysis
K. Worden, G. Manson

Integral Transforms and Modal Identification
P. Argoul, B. Guillermin, A. Horchler, H.P. Yin

About Non-Local Strength Functionals Identification
S.E. Mikhailov

Blind Identification of Transfer Function Model
T. Naito, L. Sun, A. Sano

Reference Based Stochastic Subspace Identification in Civil Engineering
B. Peeters, G. De Roeck

Non-Stationary Stochastic Vibration Signal Modeling and Analysis in a Planar Manipulator
K.A. Petsounis, S.D. Fassois

Identification of Parameters of Stochastic Excitation
M. Musil

Identification of the Lateral and Cornering Stiffness of Scooter Tyres Using Impedance Measurements
V. Cossalter, A. Doria, R. Berritta

Inverse Analyses of the Pressuremeter Test
R. Zentar, G. Moulin, P.Y. Hicher

Modelling and Identification of the Copying System of Oval and Barrel Shape Piston Along With a Study of its Dynamic Characteristics
Y. Huang, L. Huang

Estimation of Parameters and Model Order in State Space Innovation Forms
J. Lardies

Experimental Modal Analysis and Control of Pumping Stations
A.A. Nasser, M.A. Nasser, S.M. Abdel-Rahman

Direct Closed-Loop Identification by Inter-Sampling of Plant Output
L. Sun, H. Ohmori, A. Sano

Random Vibrations of a General 2-DoF Nonlinear System using the Volterra Series
G. Manson, K. Worden

A Closed Loop Excitation System for Modal Testing of Micromechanical Systems
P.Q. Zhang, X.L. Tang, B.X. Shan, J.A. Brandon, A.S.K. Kwan

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