Identification in Engineering Systems

Proceedings of the International Conference held at Swansea, March 1996

Editors: M.I. Friswell and J.E. Mottershead

ISBN: 0 860 76136 3, 926pp.

Parameter estimation and system identification are used extensively to obtain dynamic models of engineering systems. A large number of methods have been developed and a huge amount of experience gained in their application, particularly in control engineering and structural dynamics. Although aspects of the methods are different there is a substantial overlap in the methodology and practice used in the identification. These proceedings contain papers authored by researchers and practitioners in the art and science of identification from a range of disciplines and provide an further impetus to the cross fertilisation of ideas in this area.

Keynote Speakers



Identification, Estimation and Control of Continuous-Time and Delta Operator Systems
P C Young

Identification of Damage using Variational Forms for Smart Structures
D J Inman, H T Banks, D J Leo, Y Wang

A Geometric Approach to the Non-Destructive Identification of Faults in Stochastic Structural Systems
M H Sadeghi, S D Fassois

Identification of a Transfer Function in Frequency Domain and in Time Domain
M Bensaibi, C Gontier

FRAC: A Consistent Way of Comparing Frequency Response Functions
W Heylen, S Lammens

Identification of Delamination in Sandwich Plates using Vibration Test Data
Z Zho, M Link

Damage Detection and Localisation Using Natural Frequency Changes
A Messina, I A Jones, E J Williams

Identification of Corrosion Damage in Bolted Joints using an Intelligent Tap Test
S M Williams, J W Smith

Parameter Estimation of Nonlinear Systems Using Modulating Functions Methods
T Co

Approximation of Nonlinear Equations Using Nonlinear Rational Models - Part I Theory
Q M Zhu, S A Billings

Approximation of Nonlinear Equations Using Nonlinear Rational Models - Part II Applications
Q M Zhu, S A Billings

Identification of Optimum Cycling Conditions
V Cossalter, A Doria

On the Identification of Controlled Multibody Systems
P Kiriazov

Identification of Coulomb and Viscous Friction in an ASEA Industrial Robot
D J Brookfield, M R Elhami

Updating of Dynamically Condensed Models With Error Localization
F M Hemez

Updating of Large FE-Models Including Superelement Technique
M Zehn, G Schmidt

Experimental Data Selection in Model Updating
Z Zhang, G Simitses, A E Aktan

On the Use of SVD for Solving Inverse Problems in Sandwich Beams
E M O Lopes, J A Brandon, J J Espindola

Recognition and Inversion of Non-Minimum Phase Systems Using L1 and L2 Norms
S Hashemi, J K Hammond

Estimation of Multiple Order Models
R Bowyer, D Clarke

Practical Noise Location in a Closed Loop Control System
K F Elmer, K S Henthorn, P Skellern

Identification of Damping Matrices: An Autocorrelation-Style Technique
M Gaylard

In Situ Identification of Local Non-Linearities in Multi Degree-of-Freedom Systems
H J Rice, K Q Xu, J A Fitzpatrick

Parameter Identification, Estimation and Dynamometer Validation of the Non-Linear Dynamics of an Automotive Spark-Ignition Engine
B Hariri, A T Shenton, R E Dorey

Experimental Narmax Model Estimation of Coupled Mode Structures
S A McCabe, P Davies

Structural Damage Identification using Minimal Sensor Information
R G Cobb, B S Liebst

Sensor Location Prioritization and Structural Damage Localization using Minimal Sensor Information
R G Cobb, B S Liebst

Localization of Errors in Computational Models using the Concept of Error on the Constitutive Relation: Application to the Non-Linear Formulation of Elastic Beams
M Reynier, B Nedjar

Error Localisation by Substructure Modes
M G Smart, M I Friswell, J E Mottershead

Simulation and Modelling of a Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant
A Chadwick, K J Burnham, D J G James, S English, C McKenzie, P J Reeve, A Ware

Material Parameter Identification Based on Non-Trivial Experiments, Numerical Simulation and Optimization
V V Toropov, E Van der Giessen, F Yoshida

Optimal Sensor Deployment: Applications to Model Updating Problems
G Lallement, A Ramanitranja, S Cogan

A Combined Genetic and Eigensensitivity Algorithm for the Location of Damage in Structures
M I Friswell, J E T. Penny, S D Garvey

Damage Detection and Localisation Using Natural Frequency Sensitivity
E J Williams, T Contursi, A Messina

Theoretical Prediction and Experimental Verification of Optimum Exciter Configurations for Modal Testing
A Bifulco, M Degener

Optimal or Near-Optimal Sensors Locations for the Updating of Finite Element Models
B. Belkacem, M Reynier, H Abou-Kandil

Frequency Identification of Backup Roll Eccentricity Signal
M R Katebi

Impulse Testing of Civil Engineering Systems with Characteristic Nonlinearities
J A Brandon

Optimal Impulse Excitation
J E Cooper

Impulsive Excitation of Steel Structures by the Electromagnetic Acoustic Transduction Method
L C Fredericks, D C Carter, A Coughlin, K M Holford

A General Approach to the Identification, Estimation and Control for a Class of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems
P C Young

On Selecting an Optimal Force-State Map
S Duym, J Schoukens

The Frequency Response Estimation for Weakly Nonlinear Systems
L Sperling, F Wahl

Adaptive Modal Space Control of Flexible Structures: Theory
J F Schultze, R W Rost, S J Shelley

Adaptive Plant Modelling in an Internal Model Controller for Active Control of Sound and Vibration
B Rafaely, S J Elliott

Output Driven MCS using Parallel Structure of MOS
K I Aziz, M Thomson

Genetic Parameter Estimation
K Worden, B P Deacon

Identification of Industrial Processes using Genetic Programming
B McKay, M J Willis, H G Hiden, G A Montague, G W Barton

Structural System Identification Using Genetic Algorithms
P B Nair, P M Mujumdar

Cutting Law Identification Under Dynamic Behaviour
B Benmohammed, F Lapujoulade

Identification of Mission Loads Between Bracket and Engine Through Inverse Dynamics
J Cuadrado, J Cardenal, E Bayo, P Campanile

Moving Force Identification: Laboratory Studies
T H T Chan, S S Law, T H Yung

Gabor Analysis and Linear System Identification
W Kozek, H G Feichtinger, J Scharinger

Dynamical Systems Approach to Identification of Vibrating Systems
B Ravindra, M P Cartmell

Tuning of Noise Bounds in Parameter Set Estimation
D G Maksarov, J P Norton

Statistical Properties of On-line Recursive Frequency Analysis for Adaptive Control
M M El-Fandi, J McGhee, I A Henderson

Recursive Implementation of Modulating Functions Methods
T Co, S Ungarala

Identification of a Transmission System with a Hydrodynamic TorqueConverter
A. Kesy, Z. Kesy

Modelling of a Liquid Jet Evolving with Time
A J Croft, S Basu

Control Parameter for Operational Decision of Flexible Manufacturing Systems
S H Choi, J S L Lee

Validation of the Numerical Analysis of a Pedestrian Bridge for Vibration Serviceability Applications
R L Pimentel, P Waldron

Finite Element Analysis of RC Flat Slabs with Hoops Providing Lateral Confinement
X Li, K Pilakoutas

Parameter Estimation and FE Model Correlation using Modal Testing of an Experimental Full-Scale High Strength Concrete Floor
A Pavic, P Waldron

Identification of Civil Engineering Structures using Multivariate ARMAV and RARMAV Models
P H Kirkegaard, P Anderson, R Brincker

System Identification using Neural Networks
K Warwick

On Multipoint Pade Approximation for Multivariable Interval Systems
O Ismail, J M Jahabar

Dimensional Reduction for Multi-Degree of Freedom Nonlinear Systems
P A Atkins, J R Wright, K Worden, G Manson, G R Tomlinson

Identification of Nonstationary Systems using Time Frequency Methods
S Dalianis, J K Hammond, P R White, GE Cambourakis

Using Modal Testing with a Gas Centrifuge
M Al-Ajlouni, N Syred

System Identification and Minimal Model Realisation using Recurrent Neural Networks
G G R Green, S Manchanda

Approximation of Nonlinear Systems using Dynamic Recurrent Neural Networks
A Delgado, C Kambhampati, K Warwick

Parameter Estimation in Nonlinear System using Recurrent Networks
J-G Juang

Identification of Dynamic Coefficients in Fluid Films with Reference to Journal Bearings and Annular Seals
R D Brown, M Ismail, P Wilkinson, K Worden

Theoretical and Experimental Identification of the Stiffness and Damping of Active Tilting-Pad Journal Bearings
I F Santos

Estimation of Forces Exerted on Machine Foundations
A W Lees, M I Friswell

A Transfer Function Identification Method for Automotive Suspension Systems
J Gao, N J Leighton, C Morgan

Modelling of an Induction Furnance for Annealing and Alliation on a Galvanising Line
F Sirou, V Eustache, G Bloch, P Fatrez

A Comparison of Feedback Methods in Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
E S Meadows, T A Badgwell

Iterative Identification and Controller Design
M Zele, D Juricic

Robust Adaptive Regulation for a Class of Nonlinear Systems in the Presence of Bounded Disturbances: Nonlinear Parameterization
K Goto, O Yamanaka, H Ohmori, A Sano

Capillary Instability of a Semi-Infinite Inviscid Jet
A J Croft, D J Grose

Identification of the Nuclear Steam Supply System in an Indian Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor: A Case Study
K M Patel, P S V Nataraj, S Thangasamy

Modelling of a Space-Varying Vision Sensor
L Berthouze, Y Kuniyoshi, F Chavand

Investigation of Solutions to a Second Order Control Problem by Finite Element Method with Different Boundary Conditions
J-G Juang

A Comparison Between the Estimators in Mixed Numerical / Experimental Techniques
H Hua, H Sol

The Effect of Discretisation Errors on Updated Parameters
Y H Zhang, M I Friswell, J E Mottershead

Modelling and Simulation of a Brewery Fermentation Process - A Control Engineering View
C R Johnson, K J Burnham, D J G James

Model Reduction for Linear Structured Uncertain Systems
O Ismail

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