Twist Morphing of a Composite Rotor Blade using a Novel Metamaterial

HY Gu, AD Shaw (Swansea University), MR Amoozgar (University of Huddersfield), J Zhang, C Wang & MI Friswell (Swansea University)

Composite Structures, Vol. 254, 15 December 2020, paper 112855


A novel meta-material has been designed and implemented into a rotor blade to enhance aerodynamic efficiency by achieving a passive twist during rotation. The twist is induced by bend-twist coupling exhibited in the metamaterial, which is created to possess anisotropic elastic properties at the bulk level. A concept design of a rectangular blade spar is proposed where the metamaterial is used as the core material to induce twist. Using finite element analysis (FEA) we demonstrate how the bend-twist property of the blade spar is governed by cell geometries of the core material. The twist is activated by a lagwise bending moment generated from a movable mass at the blade tip due to off-centre centrifugal forces. The relationship between the twist, mass location and rotational speed has been explored. Moreover, it was found that the bend-twist property achieved by the proposed blade spar is more effective compared to that of an anisotropic thin-walled composite beam.

Paper Availability

This material has been published in the Composite Structures, Vol. 254, 15 December 2020, paper 112855. Unfortunately the copyright agreement with Elsevier does not allow for the PDF file of the paper to be available on this website.

Link to paper using doi: 10.1016/j.compstruct.2020.112855

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