Clustering of Sensor Locations using the Effective Independence Method

MI Friswell (Swansea University) & R Castro-Triguero (University of Cordoba, Spain)

AIAA Journal, Vol. 53, No. 5, May 2015, pp. 1388-1391


The Effective Independence method is a popular approach for optimal sensor placement in structural dynamics. The method maximizes the determinant of the Fisher Information matrix, whereas often ensuring the independence of the measured mode shapes is important for inverse problems such as model updating or damage identification. This note investigates the relationship between the Effective Independence method and the linear independence of the measured modes. When more sensors are selected than modes of interest, the Effective Independence method tends to produce clusters of sensor locations, which are not ideal from an engineering perspective. An exhaustive search based the condition number of the mode shape matrix appears to find significantly better sensor locations.

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