Stochastic Structural Dynamic Analysis using Bayesian Emulators

FA Diaz de la O, S Adhikari, EI Saavedra Flores & MI Friswell (Swansea University)

Computers and Structures, Vol. 120, April 2013, pp. 24-32


The probabilistic characterisation of a frequency response function can be very valuable for structural design and control. Unfortunately, obtaining a sufficiently large sample for wide ranges of vibration can easily become unaffordable. A variety of modelling assumptions can dramatically add to the computational cost: nonproportional damping, multiscale material properties, and high-resolution finite element analysis are some examples. This paper explores Bayesian emulators as surrogates for expensive finite element models in structural dynamics. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the method by performing uncertainty analysis of the frequency response of a nonproportionally damped plate made of a carbon fibre/epoxy composite material.

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