Robust Fault Tolerant Control for Spacecraft Attitude Stabilization Subject to Input Saturation

QL Hu, B Xiao (Harbin Institute of Technology, PR China) & MI Friswell (Swansea University)

IET Control Theory and Applications, Vol. 5, No. 2, January 2011, pp. 271-282


This paper investigates the robust fault tolerant attitude control of an orbiting spacecraft with a combination of unknown actuator failure, input saturation and external disturbances. A fault tolerant control scheme based on variable structure control is developed that is robust to the partial loss of actuator effectiveness, where the actuators experience reduced actuation but are still active. The results are then extended to the case in which some of the actuators fail completely, although some redundancy in actuation is assumed. In contrast to traditional fault tolerant control methods, the proposed controller does not require knowledge of the actuator faults and is implemented without explicit fault detection, separation and accommodation processes. Moreover, the designed controller rigorously enforces actuator saturation constraints. The associated stability proof is constructive and develops a candidate Lyapunov function that shows the attitude and the angular velocities asymptotically converge to zero. Simulation studies are used to evaluate the closed-loop performance of the proposed control solution and illustrate its robustness to external disturbances, unknown actuator faults and even input saturation.

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