Defect Diagnosis for Rolling Element Bearings using Acoustic Emission

YY He, XM Zhang (Tsinghua University, PR China) & MI Friswell (Swansea University)

Journal of Vibration and Acoustics, Vol. 131, No. 6, December 2009, paper 061012


Rolling element bearings are very common components in rotating machinery. Hence, condition monitoring and the detection of defects are very important for the normal and safe running of these machines. Vibration based techniques are well established for the condition monitoring of rolling element bearings, although they are not so effective in detecting incipient defects in the bearing. Acoustic emission (AE) is receiving increasing attention as a complementary method for condition monitoring of bearings as AE is very sensitive to incipient defects. This paper presents an experimental study to investigate the AE characteristics of bearing defect and validates the relationship between various AE parameters and the operational condition of rolling element bearings. To analyze the characteristic vibration frequency of the bearing using the AE signal, short-time root-mean-square (RMS) and autocorrelation functions are integrated to extract the actual characteristic frequency. The AE signal is then analyzed using standard parameters of the signals to explore the source characteristics and sensitivity of typical rolling element bearing faults. The results demonstrate that the proposed method is very effective to extract the actual characteristic frequency of the bearing by AE signal. Furthermore the AE parameters are always sensitive to the running and fault conditions, which have a strong influence on the strain and deformation within the bearing material.

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Journal of Vibration and Acoustics